Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meet Eric...

Sorry I have been a blogging slacker. With the holiday weekend and....well....I have no more excuses other than I'm tired. There was the football game debacle on Saturday where we ended up wandering downtown Athens because Comcast is conspiring against the state of Georgia and there was nowhere to watch the game. I finally cleaned the entire house on Sunday while Seth attacked the deck. AND, we kayaked the Broad river on Monday and I must say, it was much more of a kick in the rear end than I remember. This could be due to one of two things. #1 I am old and out of shape. #2 I wasn't drinking (can't teach hungover) so I cared more. In college we would go down the Broad all the time and it never dawned on me that beer made it easier. Anyway, Seth on the other hand didn't fair as well. I take that back - he probably wasn't as tired as me because he did drink, but he had some mishaps which I will let him explain because it's funnier that way. Seth you need to explain...people will want to know.

Anyway, we bailed on LA fitness yesterday morning because I believe that my arms got an insanely good workout on Monday. So today we had to show up. What is driving me still you might ask? I am going to be brutally honest. I am the only reason Seth and I go to the gym. Seth could sleep through 18 alarms. I drag us both out of bed for one reason (well there are other reasons but at 4:50am this is truly the only reason)....there is a parent of one of my students that we see there. If she notices that we aren't there it's like I have failed. If no one I knew saw me then no one would know if we didn't show up. SO - we go and I am telling you this was the hardest day yet. I had ZERO motivation, I was cranky as all get out, and I seriously wanted to slap someone. So a funny thing happens. About oh, I don't know, ten minutes before we would be done, a trainer for the place comes up and asks us about our routine. He was very nice and he asked if he could show us something. Our pace of a workout changed in the following ways:
# 1 less reps, two different machines at the same time (instead of him going, I watch, me going, he watches on the same machine - in other words, no down time)
# 2 Jana is on a pull up machine that she has never done before - I now owe Eric a home game football ticket that I don't have because I actually told him I couldn't do it
# 3 We are going so much faster and harder that we are both now sweating and gasping for air

The up side? I am awake now and ready to go to work....usually I spend the next hour getting ready trying to scheme a way to get back into the bed. SO, Seth and I are discussing having a chat with Eric and working out a deal where he shows us how to kick our own behinds and then we can do it right from there. It's not that the working out we have done so far is no good. It just seems that it needs a pick me up. I would have taken a picture of Eric to show you but I thought that would be a little assertive of me.

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