Thursday, August 14, 2008

Useless Obsessions

I have come to the conclusion that I have WAY too many useless obsessions. I find a blog or a "craft" or an idea, if you will, and I get so excited about it only to never look at it again (I have a sewing machine - my friend Holly's baby is the only person in 4 years to benefit from it). It's not that I'm fickle. I just can't find the time to fully enjoy one thing, so I just barely enjoy a lot of things.

For instance, I decided that the world of Hungry Girl (website, cookbook I bought, emails I get) was going to be the pathway to the high school version of my physical self reemerging. I bought the cookbook. I LOVE the cookbook. I even love the emails that tell me the absolute perfect things I could buy at the store. I read the cookbook. I read the emails. Problem? I have only actually made one of the recipes from the cookbook and I have an ongoing list of items to buy at the store from the emails but no items purchased. This has been going on since April or May. I am obsessed with something that is doing me NO GOOD (not because it sucks, but because I do).

Example number two: hiking. I bought a book (noticing a theme here? wait, noticing TWO themes here?) about hiking trails all over Atlanta. I decided Molly and I were going to be the first owner/pet team to traverse all of the insane amount of hiking areas in/around Atlanta. I read some of the book, had visions of myself as a hiker, thought about buying boots, etc. etc. Yea. When I actually do some of this extraordinary hiking I will post a picture of Molly and I on a trail - wait for it.

Example number three: DIY. There is a LARGE possibility you have no idea what that is because I am a HUGE dork and you are not. I'm ok with it. I have no problem admitting my quirks. The only thing is, I want to admit the quirk because I followed through with it and not because I just think it sounds cool!!! Anyway, DIY stand for Do It Yourself. There is an entire world of DIY out there...probably similar to gaming and such. The world of DIY is devoted to those infinitely creative souls who can make diaper bags out of wash clothes and jewelry out of bottle caps. I convinced myself I was just going to start making stuff and selling it. I made some jewelry. I read the sites from time to time. Yep. The story ends there.

There are MANY other examples but if you aren't bored already you will be if I keep going. Six word memoir for my useless obsessions:

Pick something meaningful. Stick to it.

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  1. Oh sound like ME! I have a bad habit of doing that kind of stuff as well! But I like your 6 word mantra...I'm going to try to stick to one thing for awhile! ;)
    Happy Friday!


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