Monday, August 18, 2008


Yes, I am very proud of us. I'm also really freaking exhausted. So we dropped some moula at LA Fitness and got on a plan. The start of that plan was executed this morning at 4:50 am. It really wasn't as bad then as it is now, but more on that later. So we get up and go and Seth leads the show as the weight training begins. We mostly did arms (by far my weakest body part) a few legs, and some abs. We realized in the car on the way there that we should have taken a picture of ourselves in all our glory at such a fine hour, but I'm going to go with I'm glad we didn't do that. Maybe on Wednesday we will give you a sneak peak. Yes I said Wednesday because we aren't going tomorrow and here's why. I am also very proud because Seth spent the entire weekend and and a decent portion of today working on our deck. That I did take pictures of. It it really coming along and I am SO excited!!! You can see the beginnings below and we will update you as the building moves along. I also put a lofty goal into action and went to a yoga class after getting up at 4:50 am to work out, going to work, AND going to a two hour meeting for a certification class I am taking this year. So basically, the deck kicked Seth's ass and the yoga class (on top of the intense arm pain I already felt) kicked my ass. Therefore, we are just going to take a walk or something tomorrow and take a tiny break so we don't get burnt out. Anyway, I'm going to bed. Enjoy the pics and hopefully I will be more energetic tomorrow :-)

Ok I can't get the pictures to load....some sort of internal error with blogger. I will upload them tomorrow. Goodnight!


  1. Keep it up! You put me to shame!

  2. Don't give up! No pain, no gain. I know both of you have it in you, early or not! I love you both and I'm pulling for you.


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