Tuesday, August 5, 2008

...Day Tuesday....

....so the lack of sleep is setting in about now. But before we go any further, let me introduce you to the gang. The little monster in the first pic on yesterday's post was Zane. Zane was from Rome. Zane talked like he was from Rome. Zane was a hand full. Next we have Blake. Blake was a pretty neat kid. Very outgoing. There wasnt anything that Blake wasnt going to do. Here we have Blake leading a sing along for the entire camp after one of the meals.

Next we have Tyler. While Tyler was a very sweet kid, he had a tendency to get an attitude.

Next is Pedro. Pedro was pretty quiet. It took us a while to figure out why. Once we did, it made sense. He spoke very little English. Even though there was a language barrier, he seemed to have a fantastic time.

Finally we had our little ladies man Brandon. There will be more on him in a little while.

So like I was saying, sleep deprivation is a bitch. At this point, the crinkle crinkle crinkle factor is getting a little old. During the morning activities, I was pleasantly surprised when I happened to run into Jonathan visiting camp for the morning. Jonathan was my camper for the last 8 years. Last year he turned 22, and was no longer able to come to camp. It had been an entire year since I had seen him, and quite a few months since we had talked, so it was great to get to spend some time with him.

Right before lunch, we had one of the more enjoyable activities of the week. 790 The Zone contributed radio equipment to CTL, and they were able to put a radio station together for the kids to operate while they were at camp. The radio room was set up in the Arts and Crafts building, and it broadcast out into the quad area so people could hear the kids while they were on the radio. Our kids became DJ's for an hour and they got to broadcast music for everyone to hear. Keep in mind that the kids in our cabin were between the ages of 10-12 when I tell you that one of them wanted to intro Soulja Boy. He then proceeded to dance and sing along to the song while it played. I wasnt sure how to handle the situation, so I did what anyone else would do....I got into it and participated. Since the counselors got to participate with the activity, everyone in our cabin decided that they wanted to have a talk show portion. FYI, we listened to B98.5 every night with Delilah, sooooooo, I played the part of Delilah, and answered questions about love, romance, and relationships. Imagine that.

So after lunch, we had some activities on the sports fields. We did archery. I sucked at archery. I hurt myself during archery. Never again will I do archery. When we left archery, we headed back towards the cabins with another the girls from the adjacent cabin. Enter the ladies man Brandon. While we are heading back, one of the little girls starts tooting her little horn on her power chair. My main man Brandon starts tooting back at her. This is the beginning of the end. For 10 minutes, they toot back and forth at each other. She toots, waits, he toots back, she toots back, etc. What fun. This is story line that will play out over the next couple of days.

After the tooting incident, we went to see a magician. The guy was pretty cool. He would do tricks and then make the kids try to figure out how the trick was done. He taught us a couple of tricks as well. Make sure you ask me next time we see each other, and I will see if I can perform any of them.

So our evening activity was the first "dance" of the week. This dance was a costume party type deal. Since I was pretty uninformed about what was happening at camp this year, I didnt have anything crazy to bust out for everyone to enjoy, however once we got to the "dance party", one of the other counselors in our cabin procured a couple of costumes for us, so we would feel left out of the party. Yes this is me. I am the worlds largest bank robbing twinkie. I know the bank robbing part is hard to decipher, but I am indeed toting a six shooter. It was pretty sweet.

Following the party, we took the children to bed, and listened to Delilah for a while on the radio. There were two things that happened during the next hour. First of all, one of the ladies from next door, Elisa, came a rapping on our door. Elisa was splitting time with our cabin and another cabin since we were short handed. So back to the impt. stuff. Elisa asked if Brandon, the ladies man, had already gone to bed. We regretfully informed her that he was laying down, but she still wanted us to pass along a message from Caitlyn (the she tooter). Caitlyn wanted to tell Brandon good night. Its a little sappy, but it was pretty cute. Brandon turned about the darkest shade of red I have seen in a long time. What fun.

The next event of the evening came from our girl Delilah. If you arent familiar, Delilah plays romantic songs. Why we were listening to this at night I do not know. Anyways, Delilah also takes calls and requests for music. This next part has nothing to do with camp, but I thought it was hysterical. A lady calls in and says that she wants to request a song. Her reasoning was, and I quote "I love my husband and saved our marriage". She goes on to explain that she and her husband had two kids. They were going through a rough part in their marriage, and she became romatically involved with a guy that she was taking night classes with or something. While she was having adulterous relations with this other guy, she got pregnant. This is where it gets good. She then goes on to explain that she made a strong decision. She explained to her husband that she had been getting around, and had gotten knocked up. Somehow they decided that she was going to keep the baby, stay married, and raise the child like it was one of their own. To this day, they have lied to their kids and the bastard child about the real identity of the father, and that they are happily raising this child as "THEIR" third child. Disgusting. Sorry honey, if you come home with child, and it isnt mine, you had better go ahead and pack your bags.

So today wasnt as eventful as yesterday, but I ensure you that tomorrow and Thursday will get better.

Peace out.

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