Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Us

We are your typical youngish parents starting a family. When this blog began (before baby) my idea was that my husband and I would write together on the blog about the randomness of our lives. That worked for a little while, but over time Seth became more of a reader and less of a writer. I became a little obsessed with the blog and that is where we are now. I love to write. I want this blog to be somewhat of a journal that will eventually remind me of how I want to do things (or maybe how I don't) when baby number two comes along. I also want it to be something Lila reads one day and gets a good laugh out of. It would be nice if this blog could inadvertently show others starting a family that they are doing a great job as well. Regardless, it gives me an outlet without having to hire a shrink. Happy reading!

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